Friday, 30 December 2011

SWTOR: The Bounty Hunter

So for those of you who know me, you will know I wasn't always Professor Clutch the Fury Warrior. When I started my MMO life in wow, I was a Hunter. I have always had a soft spot for hunters ever since to the point that I have 2 of them. But enough about that...

Today I started a Bounty Hunter, its level 8 at the moment I haven't played it long. My plan will be to go into Mercenary, but oh my god. Playing melee seemed like a good idea when I started this game, but the stresses with obvious clunky play gives me problems with movement ect... So ranged seemed like more of a good idea. It was...

Already at level 8 I have some extremely over powered abilities. Explosive Dart, then Rail Shot, boom that mobs dead and the guys around him are also now at like 10%. I Know it won't scale like that once I'm a bit higher, but wow... I am having fun with this class. I can't wait to progress farther.

Playing this game has been so addicting that my sleep pattern seems to have gone around the clock, I woke at 7pm and its now 11:30am... I have to go bank then will sleep.

I have found lately since playing this game I've had parts of the soundtrack stuck in my head, my inner monologue/narration (yes I think like JD from scrubs) now doesn't speak with my own voice but my characters voice, I've had nightmares of passed enemy's from wow stalking me in swtor, and I've had dreams of playing the game... So obviously no health benefits here.

I've also had the following 2 things stuck in my head too.

First, Weird Al Yankovic - The Saga Begins... Even though I'm an Empire player.

Second, The MTV Movie Awards Star Wars Parody.

That line "what's a sith?" "a sith" "that's a pretty nasty lisp you got there." yea...

But anyway, stay frosty.
-Professor Clutch

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