Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wow Ironman Challenge: Update 2#

Hey, so I'm currently level 53, still going strong. But the last couple days I have been quite afk so only done 3 levels in 2 days...

I almost got myself killed saturday night coming home from the bar drunk, I'll not attempt that again.

The other night I was on the speedway in Thousand Needles, and I met the first and only Horde challenger I have seen so far. Hopefully will see some more soon, I'm slowly approaching outlands which I'll be less likely to see any others in.

That's about all I have to say for now really, will see what happens as it comes, I'm getting quite excited to reach outlands, level 60 is quite a mile stone if I can reach it.

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch
Cubedout level 53 Draenei Hunter - Earthen Ring EU

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wow Ironman Challenge: Update 1#

Hey guys, so I thought I would update. Today I nearly died in Stonetalon mountains twice...

If I have any advice for Stonetalon it would be this... Don't get in that Balloon if you are a Hunter, I survived with 30 health it was quite a close one.

And two would be at the top where the old nelf village used to be, there are tentacles in the ground. Don't get close ffs, I got thrown into the air and dropped down to about 20 health, it was quite a twitching moment.

Other than that, I'm level 34 at the moment, still my original hunter. I'll keep you posted.

If you want to join the guild on Earthen Ring EU just whisper anyone in the guild.

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch

Cubedout Lv34 Iron Hunter - Earthen Ring EU

Monday, 13 February 2012

Wow Ironman Challenge

So today I discovered the Ironman Challenge. Basically the rules are this...

Level from 1-85 using the rules below.

Only White or Grey gear. No Heirlooms of any kind.
No transfer of gear, items, or money from any other character (yours or others).
No gear enhancements, including gems, enchanting, and reforging. Class abilities are allowed (eg. Rogue poisons, Shaman imbues).
No specialization, talent points, or glyphs. No pet talent points.
No professions or secondary skills, except for First Aid.
No potions, flasks, or elixirs except for required quest items.
No food buffs or other external buffs (including buffs from items and other players).
No groups or assistance from other characters, even if not grouped.
No dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, or arenas.
No guilds, except for level 1 guilds created specifically for the Ironman Challenge.
No Refer-A-Friend.
No addons which assist in combat and/or leveling (eg. leveling guides, Ovale).
THE BIG ONE: No deaths. Character death for any reason disqualifies the character
The following are allowed:

All class abilities, racials, and personal buffs.
All mounts, bags, and non-combat pets.
All quests, including holiday events and dailies.

-Taken from

After seeing this I couldn't resist. So I looked at the leaderboard to see which realm had the most players on eu. Joined Earthen Ring and started.

Currently I am level 17 and Its now almost 6am so I'm going to bed... More tomorrow, feels good to be actually doing something in the game that I can actually be bothered to put effort into.

Current standings are here I am Cubedout a Hunter from Earthen Ring.

My personal goal is 30, and anything after that is a bonus to be honest. I don't consider myself amazing at this game, but if I don't hit 30 Ill not be happy.

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch