Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Windows 8: I'll Buy It If...

So I have been using the Windows 8 release preview for a month or two now. I must say, I really like it, although the only thing that puts me off is the lack of choice.

It would be nice if Microsoft would implement an option to enable the classic Start Menu that we have grown up with since Windows 95. Instead we are presented with a full screen UI as our only choice.

I have been using 3rd party software, a programme named ViStart has served me well since installing the preview. Although It does lack some functionality, like the ability to right click items within. Also I discovered sometimes while shutting down the PC it would present an error that has to be clicked off, otherwise the PC would not continue to shutdown (annoying to turn up to work to find the pc still on in the morning)

But all in all, I really like this operating system. It seems to run quite efficiently and the start is the only issue I have with this OS. You have done a good job Microsoft, pat yourself on your back (But only after you give us the Start option).

Regardless of the title, I am definitely going to be buying this OS and with a cheap upgrade offer of $40 until January its a bargain buy.

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch

Monday, 23 July 2012

World Of Warcraft And Its Direction

So I've been playing Wow for a very long time, I started at the end of Vanilla and got my first raiding experience within the Burning Crusade. I always heard the stories of Vanilla and how it was epic but many say Burning Crusade was the best expansion there ever was. Now I can't judge for Vanilla but out of BC WOTLK and Cata, I'm inclined to agree.

Recently a video come to my attention, the man makes a very good point. So I'll shut up here and let him do the talking. I must say I agreed with every single thing he said.

On another note, the Insane In the Membrane guide is up to date and can be found here. I hope its helpful.

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch