Saturday, 17 December 2011

SW:TOR And The Impending Death Of WOW

Ok so Star Wars: The Old Republic is out soon, I believe some people are already on the game in pre release?

The things that bring me into a game like this the most is community. So where do I go from here? First off the game allowed you to create guilds pre release. Set up alliances and what not, which means players I have met in WOW may end up sorta in the same place, I know of 2 guilds on one server which I also have been in both in my past on wow. This is great for me, I'll definitely roll on that server, but then I see they are opposing factions. So this confuses me now, because I'm unsure how the contact works in the game.

In wow you have Horde and Alliance. You can't speak to the opposite faction unless you have their real id. In TOR I have no idea what its going to be like, I haven't done enough research, I'm trying to let the game surprise me if you get what I mean?

Another thing that does worry me is that EA have a long history of dropping servers. So say come a couple years down the line and I'm still playing, the servers go down. What then? If I get as attached to my characters as I have with my Wow characters it could be devastating.

And now onto Wow, Blizzard introduced Pandas at Blizzcon this year... They also introduced epically terrible talent trees and class changes. I believe this will kill wow, the response isn't great, and my personal response wasn't great either. Never have I been so reluctant to buy something since someone offered to sell me a bag of turd.

I think personally if Blizz wan't to make players happy, release these classic servers people have been asking for since the dawn of BC. I see threads every day about it, and they just say no. Now we are saying no to Pandas, what are they going to do? I think with classic servers they will at least salvage some subs.

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch

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