Thursday, 5 January 2012

SWTOR: European Maintenance

I originally made this blog to rant about blizzard, but now I have a reason to rant about Bioware.

Server Maintenance

Yes they are doing a good job keeping the patches flowing and I can respect that, but this strikes me as annoying...

We are aiming for this weekly maintenance period to take place in an off-peak time for both North American and European players.

Scheduled Maintenance

Date: Wednesday, January 4th, 2012


All game servers will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than eight hours.

Now, In the US this I would consider a time when less people will be playing. But 8am-4pm in the UK is silly. Not everyone works during this time, and from playing WOW I know a lot of people play at this time of the day.

The situation comes down to them dropping all servers at the same time. This isn't really acceptable seeing as though every other MMO are fairly capable of dropping EU and US servers at separate hours, even at game launch. I'm paying for a game I cannot play during the day, do they wan't me to watch Jeremy Kyle when I could be killing some innocent people because they have outgrown their usefulness?

Today isn't Wednesday, so yes this was yesterday... But today its gone down again, it went down at 9pm today to apply a patch, sure yes again I'm happy they are doing their best to keep the game up to date, but really still why do them together please? For the sake of your player base, if you wish to keep subs I would suggest changing this, what about people who only have Tuesdays off to play? you loose all those players because 8 hours of their days are spent waiting for your servers to come up.

Now that's out of the way...

Sith Inquisitor

During the early hours of the morn, I thought to myself "I wonder what class would be most like Disc Priest as I loved Disc PVP" followed by asking in guild. I got the response that Sith Sorcerer Corruption was similar. I'm told they have a bubble and a penance like spell. I don't know if this is right or not, but I certainly am interested. So today I started my Inquisitor and started leveling, All these starter abilities and the sheer amount of damage I do to mobs really makes me think I rolled the wrong class.

When I tried my first character(warrior), it took effort to kill, its still taking effort to kill. When I started Bounty Hunter stuff died, and now I started this, stuff dies again. But ill be going healer, people spoke about going healer, using their companions to tank and dps, and to dps/heal along with them. Apparently its efficient. Ill hope to spam more flashpoints really. I haven't been doing them, I should have... We shall see.

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch

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