Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rest XP And Broken Strings

So I took a couple days off Star Wars this week in order to save up some rest xp. As I found myself too low for my content I figured taking a break would help me out. So I have spent the last couple days doing a mixture of things like...

Tidying up... Which didn't last too long.

Watching Only Fools and Horses, my brother bought the box set and has been lending me the dvds to watch, I'm now on series 7.. Or I just finished series 7, I missed the whole of series 5 so going back for that.

Playing Slide Guitar. My dad threw a steel bottleneck thing at me, so I have been having a play on that today and a bit last night, its quite fun. Although its not so fun being that I have a string missing... Yes I am an idiot and tuned it the wrong way and now haven't had the time to replace it.

Rest XP
So today I logged back onto SWTOR and I've got a nice healthy bar of rest. It seems to be about 2/3 of a level if I look at how much extra over my level I have, which is Ideal. It means that I wont be suffering much longer when I start to catch up with the content again.

I thought I had reached the content but upon getting sent here, it was quite clear that I hadn't. I'm currently on Belsavis at level 39, I was half way through 38 when I arrived and this is a 41+ planet. Oh well...


On another note, I got all my IRC channels back this week. It's been a very long time since I was on IRC, since I left my old house in fact. But I'm back on it, all the same people are there, doesn't seem like anything's changed much. Upon arriving back in some of my channels I was given my old rights back even though I wasn't even logged into the servers (accounts expired). But if anyone wants to chat to me I'm on a mixture of servers (Quakenet, MIXXnet, Stratics, GeekShed, Coldfront) and I'll be named Cubedout. Just do a whois and it will tell you where I am :)

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch

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