Friday, 30 March 2012

Dungeon Finder Behaviour

So I was in the dungeon finder today, and what has everyone become assholes? Really. Regardless of what level dungeon you are doing, remember that you are playing with real people.

Just seems some of those real people don't give a shit about others. Here's my example:

A healer rolls need on Grace of the Herald for his friend.

[14:03:31][P] [Cubed]: nice one, healer rolling on [Grace of the Herald]
[14:03:38][DG] [Fántálock]: for yebba
[14:03:42][P] [Akenez]: It's called OS babe.
[14:03:43][P] [Cubed]: thats mean
[14:03:50][P] [Cubed]: ms beforeo os
[14:04:01][P] [Akenez]: That's in raid
[14:04:06][P] [Cubed]: doesnt matte
[14:04:06][P] [Akenez]: This is dungeon mate
[14:04:08][P] [Cubed]: its rude
[14:04:24][DG] [Fántálock]: And healer needed for Yebba's ms :P
[14:04:28][DG] [Fántálock]: guess it counts
[14:04:31][P] [Cubed]: well no it doesnt
[14:04:34][P] [Cubed]: its unfair
[14:04:37][DG] [Fántálock]: kk
[14:04:38][P] [Akenez]: Cry me a river.
[14:04:40][P] [Akenez]: Idc.

I don't know, is it just me? I wouldn't act like an ass about it, I wouldn't do it over a class that was meant to have the item. Maybe if it was some scrub warrior who wanted agility I would step in. Or in this case a healer needing over a dps Id step in. I'm too nice to players who deserve it, not these assholes.

What are your thoughts? drop me a comment.

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