Tuesday, 5 March 2013

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2

And so World of Warcraft patch 5.2 is upon us.

It's currently 2:20 Server time, the servers have been down for over an hour and wont be up until the morning.

There's a few things that have taken my attention and I'd like to take a moment to talk about them if you would like to stick around while i relive the original reason for creating this blog.

First off... More frickin daily quests.

I wont lie, I'm going to be very honest here... But I haven't done any. I get told "you need to do your dailies to get better stuff"
If it means walking around in average less than great gear... I couldn't care less. I'm not doing dailies, It's a stupid thing to force people into them. That's that!

During my day, the incentive to do dailies was a Netherdrake or one of those other damn things who's name escapes me right now. Then the Sunwell server effort (I'll come back to this) which rewarded me some big title I had to pay gold for. Nothing was gated behind dailies.

Reputation on the other hand, yes. You needed to be Revered with respected factions in order to obtain keys to enter heroics, this was a fantastic retard mechanism. Because you would invite them into your group and the moment you got to the door and all of a sudden you are missing 3 dps, you knew there and then that you wouldn't have wanted them in your group anyway.

But here's the big difference between reputation then and now. Back then you could choose, "do I earn it questing or do I earn it dungeoneering" now you have to gain your rep by questing, no choice.

Wrath of the Lich King introduces reputation tabards, wear this tabard and any heroic will give you rep for what ever faction you want. Brilliant idea, extended into cataclysm including racial tabards too (yay for no more runecloth)

Come mop we should be moving forward not backwards.

I understand that this Isle of Thunder is supposed to be a server effort like sunwell was. Who knows it may be worth taking part in, but I for one seriously... Cannot be bothered anymore.

I did my dailies in sunwell, and I didn't do anymore until Trial of the Champions, which I might add I lost a lot of progress by merely faction changing, which caused me never to go back again. I tried my molten front, I wanted the achis but no. It's like a full time job. If you don't go in day in day out and put hours of work to it, you won't get what you want.

Anyway, moving on.

New Tier and Upgrade Removal

So there is a new Tier. This will be the first new Tier since Ulduar not to include new dungeons.

I'm not exactly sure if ZG and ZA count along side firelands as they come at a month or two difference? Not sure. But none the less this bothers me.

With the removal of Item Upgrades this leaves me in a difficult position. Gearing up new characters is what I do, I don't care for raids. I just level things all the time. The problem this leaves is that there will now be people running around in the same blues I have only better quality than what is available.

Inb4 "LFR"

Personally I'd rather excrete a Pineapple but each to their own I guess. For the next 5 days we will still be doing old content LFR until they decide to open the first section of the new raid. This bores me terribly, I wan't some 5 man dungeons to gear my alts, not a 25 man disaster.

Transmog Weapon Restrictions 

Here is a sore subject for me. Don't get me wrong for one moment that I'm not happy with the changes... Because believe me I really am. Although it was not quite what I was hoping for...

Let me get onto the subject of Legendaries for just one moment.

There is still no clear reason as to why Blizzard refuse to allow us to Transmogrify Legendary Weapons. I can understand if there is some kind of code writing issue if you are trying to perfect a way of transferring the weapons unique effects. For example the way my Legendary bow shoots magic arrows instead of normal. Or the awesome effect the Shadowmourne gives off.

But Blizzard, we can live without that for now. Of course it would be a bonus if that could be possible, but at the same time, we just want our weapon looks you get what I mean?

I'm still also not quite sure on the restriction on 0 stat items too, but I'll leave that for another day.

New PVP Season

I'll put it like this... The new sets look shit and all the same. Not much else to say really.

Class Changes That I Care About

I'll start off on a good note, I'm playing Paladin now... All I can see here is buffs, I'm not going into it, you can read them yourself. This pleases me really.

On the other hand, I also play Mage. And all I see is nerfs so I'm at a balance here.

To Finish Up

On a whole, I still very much dislike the direction this game has taken. I think Blizzard are making a very big mistake. QQ and so on and so on. In the last 2 years my bucket of care for this game has sprung a serious leak. I almost didn't even buy MOP. I bought Guild Wars 2 first.

I hate to say it, but If this new Tier isn't great. I think this games days are seriously numbered.

Stay Frosty
-Professor Clutch

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