Thursday, 31 January 2013

Music Reviews

I wanted to start a completely new blog to start making Music/Song/Artist reviews. But after creating the page and looking at templates, I thought too myself "why don't I just alter the theme to Angry Space Goat instead" The idea I have is for more honest reviews, none of this suck up crap you read saying "Justin Bieber is brilliant" because we all know the truth, the only time I could ever say those words are in Quotation... Never to be quoted as my own words. I intend to be honest on my opinions. Another thing I wanted out of the new blog was to have people submit the names of songs/tunes/bands/artists that they wish me to review, and I'd add them to a list of to do. So, we shall see how it goes, only problem is I need something to start out with. -Professor Clutch

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