Monday, 17 December 2012

Dream Jobs - What You Do Instead

So here's a question...

What would your dream job be? and what job do you do instead?

When I left school back in 2004 I thought to myself hey, I want to be a Computer Technician... Wow how stupid was I. These years later I think too myself why!?!!? Why did I choose this.

The summer after college finished on the Computer course, I filmed a short Skateboarding video. Was a video of a friend, not the greatest quality but It was all we had. I'd not really made many videos in the past. But I thought too myself, wow, I could do this. I was addicted to extreme sports on TV and always wanted to go around making my own videos.

So that summer I decided screw it... Signed up for a film course at Truro College.

Dream achieved right? no... I attended for 4 weeks until I gave up. The teacher was incompetent and out of a class of 15 I was the last one to leave. I learned nothing except that the teachers computer was riddled with viruses, and left very disheartened.

I already had knowledge of editing and basic camera use, but I didn't have my own camera, and I went back into IT.

Now I'm 24 and wondering where my life is going. Jobs in the IT sector aren't amazing, and running a local business has proven quite a challenge to me.

I want to pursue my dream of making videos. YouTube offers a good platform where I can earn money from my content providing I can get the views, but I still have the first restriction... Cameras.

And now I need your help, where should I start? I have no money and I want to make this happen. If I can start with one camera then that's all good, but Ideally I need something of decent quality because posting videos like the old Skate video wont get watched in this day in age. Ideally I want something like a GoPro for certain shots and a decent camera for normal shots.

Who knows? I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

Stay frosty
-Professor Clutch

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